Restricted Frequency #167

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1. Flap My Wings (the video)

January 25 saw the release of the FLAP MY WINGS music video I did art for, animated by frequent collaborator N Slash A. Super powerful song written and performed by The Lazours, whose poignancy and ability to hone in on nuances blows me away with everything they do. This one certainly hit all the feels.

2. Flap My Wings (the album)

The full album also dropped, for which I had the honor of doing the album art. Available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify, the album is both ✊ and 😭 but also totally 🔥. My favorite tracks might have to be THE 18 DAYS, PT. 3 aaaaand… TAHRIR IS NOW.

WALL SONG is also pretty great, and GENEALOGY of course. Honestly, the whole thing is a feat! A feat, I tell you, a feat!

3. Once Upon a Time… The Arab Revolutions

I also had the honor of providing the cover art for IL ETAIT UNE FOIS… LES REVOLUTIONS ARABES for the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris and Editions Seuil, a handsome and expansive volume containing writing and art from a wide scope of Arab-speaking thinkers, presented in French.

4. Hope Dies Last

Ryan Harvey and I chatted some for his podcast HOPE DIES LAST, which you should know about anyway if you’re at all interested in the intersection between art, protest, justice, and sticking it to the man.

Also, The Art Newspaper surveyed a few art practitioners on the Arab Spring’s legacy in the arts, and… some of those answer are just… *sigh* g’on and read it for yourself.

5. Home

“Home is not where you are born, but it is where all your attempts to escape come to an end.”

This quote by Naguib Mahfouz has been my saving grace for many many years now. So I decided to make a print of it. The type, set in Arabic, breaks all the rules and will probably make every calligrapher very angry at me. BUT… it does reflect the turbulence, bureaucracy, and sheer chaotic “luck” of living in exile. As far as I’ve experienced it anyway—which, if we’re being honest, is still way way better than most.

Expertly letterpressed by Nick Hurd at Radix Media in New York in a limited edition of 100, signed and numbered by me and available from

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